Welcome to Topanga

A generations old refuge, Topanga is proof that you can have a country lifestyle, in the middle of a major metropolitan city. Cabin like compounds and modernist oases alike dot the landscape of the Topanga Canyon. The Topanga Canyon community resides in a mountainous enclave in Los Angeles surrounded by Topanga State Park, the largest wilderness area within a major city in the U.S. Proximity to tech strongholds like Santa Monica and Venice, the suburban convenience of San Fernando Valley, and the entertainment capital of Hollywood, attract both creative types and nature lovers alike.

Residents often remark that Topangans value a strong sense of community, and this unique locale sets the stage for the tight knit group of nature lovers, bohemians, and artists who all make up the rich cultural landscape of this area. On Topanga Canyon Boulevard, the thoroughfare of the city, favorites like the Inn of the Seventh Ray and the Canyon Bistro delight locals. Here, houses are uniquely reflective of their owners and their lifestyles, serving as their own getaways from the business of the world outside Topanga’s enclave. Outside the thriving hiking and horsebacking scene, Topanga is also home to the legendary Theatrum Botanicum, founded in 1973 by Will Geer. Home to an active Shakespeare and contemporary repertory program, it also hosts Family Fundays enjoyed by all ages of Topanga Residents. Yoga, spiritual retreats, and other health focused activities are often organized in and around town. Home to artists like George Herms, Neil Young, Chris Burden, and many more, it is easy to see why to see why artists have been inspired by this special locale. 

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