Beverly Hills

Welcome to Beverly Hills

One of the most storied cities in all of the world, Beverly Hills is renowned for its posh residents, poised architecture, meticulous landscaping, and its discerning taste in fashion, food, and culture. Home to many of the world’s top business people, entertainers, and athletes, few communities can rival its pedigree. Palm trees line many of the famous boulevards, where Normandy chateaus, Hollywood Regency palaces, and Hamptons style hideaways all nestle in the perfectly manicured foliage. With no shortage of world class hotels in town, like the brand new Waldorf Astoria, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Beverly Wilshire, the city has a dynamic energy for entertaining the world’s elite. Spago, Jean Georges, and the Polo Lounge are amongst the iconic establishments that provide the makeup of Beverly Hills daily life.

You cannot speak of Beverly Hills without mentioning its iconic shopping avenue, Rodeo Drive, whose collection of luxury stores and services rank it as one of the top shopping districts worldwide. From Louis Vuitton to Balenciaga to Cartier to Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s nearby, there is no shortage of fine apparel, jewelry, and vehicles to be found in this retail mecca. Beverly Hills maintains its reputation for privacy, exclusivity, and innovation, with active community groups, and a commitment to the highest in local services. The Beverly Hills Police Department, Beverly Hills Fire Department, its local school system, and city services, all boast consistent high ratings, adding to the pampered and pleasant lifestyle that Beverly Hills innately provides.

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